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Welcome to my website! I have over 15 years of experience in IT staffing and organizational leadership. I received a Bachelor's degree with Academic Distinction in Psychology from the University of Oklahoma in May of 1999 and received a Master's degree in Organization Development from the University of San Francisco in August 2013.

I run HR Operations for a global technology services company based in Santa Clara, CA. I am also an adjunct instructor at the University of California Santa Cruz Silicon Valley campus. I teach in the Human Resources Certificate program.

I have been a freelance author on topics such as management, leadership, recruiting and staffing. My articles have been featured on LinkedIn Pulse,,, OnGig, Work It Daily, Yahoo! Voices and Small Business Growth Magazine.

I just released my first book! It is called The Cheating Boyfriend (And Other Organizational Indiscretions). The book contains 10 essays that uncover issues that organizations would like to keep under wraps. As a result of my observations, I hope that HR and managerial professionals will rise above the status quo and strive for positive organizational change! You can order today on Amazon.

Below is the summary from the back cover of the paperback version:

Every organization has a "dark side." On the surface your company may seem like it’s one of the best places to work, but there will always be one person with a poor attitude, one manager who treats his golf buddy better than everyone else, one shy person on the team, one useless middle manager, one "control freak..."

The Cheating Boyfriend (And Other Organizational Indiscretions) calls out the problems that companies would prefer to keep locked away behind closed doors and offers tips and suggestions on how to transform "bad behavior." Jenny Hayes, MSOD, chronicles various articles she has written with the hope that it will encourage people to break away from the status quo and strive for positive organizational change.

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